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Finger Lakes Community College's Muller Field Station

Located near the southern end of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of western New York, the Muller Field Station provides field-based education for academic programs, laboratory experiences, community outreach, and the opportunity to participate in or observe local research projects. College and university students, local K-12 students and their teachers, community members, environmental organizations and agencies are all welcome visitors to the Station. Learn more:

Ontario County Soil & Water Conservation District

District staff and Board of Directors members are committed to providing technical assistance and education to the residents of Ontario County to ensure the wise use of soil, water, and other natural resources. It is the duty and privilege of the Ontario County Soil and Water Conservation District to preserve and protect these resources while helping to maintain farming as a viable, profitable and environmentally sound enterprise.

For more information about the Ontario County SWCD and their educational programs: and

Speaking of Nature 

Finger Lakes Community College's Muller Field Station features monthly "Speaking of Nature" lectures that are open to members of the community. The series of lectures run from September through May.

Where: 6455 County Road 36, Honeoye, NY

To find out about upcoming events, go to:

For recordings of recent presentations, visit the Muller Field Station YouTube Channel.

Educational Materials:

Cover of "A Homeowner's Guide to Lake-Friendly Living"
Cover of "Help Protect Honeoye Lake from Invasive Species" guide
Cover of "Diet for a Small Lake"
Cover of "The Honeoye Lake Book"

This book is intended to provide information on what watershed residents can do to help protect water quality. It contains many "best management practices" that you can use as well as some general information about living in the Honeoye Lake watershed. It also provides a list of resources and contacts for those wishing for more information about the subjects. 

Protect the water quality of Honeoye Lake and your property values by practicing healthy lawn care. A healthy lawn can improve water quality by filtering, purifying and reducing stormwater runoff. Click here for a recent presentation by Ontario County SWCD for the HVA Annual Meeting that discusses Healthy Lawn tips! For a fact sheet on this topic, click here.

Image of "Healthy Lawns, Healthy Lake" Fact Sheet
Cover of powerpoint on "Healthy Lawn, Healthy Lake"
Stormwater Toolkit Cover

Learn About Honeoye Lake's Walleye

NYSDEC Honeoye Lake Walleye Fingerling Stocking


The NYSDEC has been stocking 8.6M walleye fry in Honeoye Lake for many decades. However, in recent years the walleye fry recruitment has been very low.


The NYSDEC stocked ~20,000 ~2-inch walleye fingerlings in Honeoye Lake in June 2018, ~20,000 walleye fingerlings in June 2019, and an additional ~50,000 walleye fingerlings in June 2020. We have received a number of reports from fisherman catching 10-12 inch 2-year-old walleyes this year for the first time in many years.


The stocking was done to address the declining walleye population in the lake. In 2000 the NYSDEC estimated the walleye population to be ~32,000 adults. In 2010 they estimated the walleye population to be ~6,000 adults. Walleye catch rates have been declining every year for the last several years. The NYSDEC is hoping to see an improvement in the walleye population size and catch rates in a few years as a result of the walleye fingerling stocking.

Muller Field Station Sign for their Walleye Culture Project
Chart on Honeoye population chart
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