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Watershed Management

The Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force is devoted to managing the watershed for the health of Honeoye Lake. The towns, municipalities, organizations, and volunteers are constantly working on projects to improve the water quality. Through watershed monitoring, scientific research, project installation, and the actions of each resident in the watershed, we will be able to continue to enjoy our beautiful lake for generations to come. To learn more about projects going on in the watershed, click here.

15 simple strategies for sustainable lakeshores & landscapes to protect
Honeoye Lake:
1. Reduce Impermeable Surfaces
2. Limit Lawn Size
3. Use Water Wisely
4. Minimize Erosion
5. Be Smart About Lawn Care
6. Use Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer
7. Maintain Your Septic System
8. Don’t Flush Your Drugs
9. Maintain Your Vehicles
10. Conserve Water
11. Reduce Household Hazardous Wastes
12. Install a Vegetative Buffer
13. Plant a Rain Garden
14. Go Native
Cover photo of "A Homeowner's Guide to Lake-Friendly Living"
Boat on Honeoye Lake taking water samples
Mowed trail on New York State land at Honeoye Inlet Management Area
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