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Sediment Traps

In August of 2018, the Ontario County SWCD worked with the Ontario County Highway Department to install sediment traps along County Road 36 in Honeoye. These concrete traps are placed in‐line with a roadside ditch. As water enters the open end, the sediment trap slows down the flow, causing deposits of sediment to stay within the concrete barrier. The water then slowly exits through two
holes. The traps can easily be cleaned because they are the same dimensions as a standard ditching bucket. While the Ontario County Highway Department is cleaning ditches, they can use the same equipment to clean the sediment traps. In cases of high flowing water, the sediment trap will
still allow water to safely flow over the top and continue in the ditches for proper drainage.

These sediment traps will decrease sediment entering into waterways that flow into Honeoye Lakes. As you head south on County Road 36, keep your eye out for these structures!

sediment trap in ditch with rock
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