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Sandy Bottom Shoreline Stabilization Project

With funding from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Water Quality Improvement Project Grant Program, Ontario County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Town of Richmond installed a natural shoreline stabilization project using coir wrapped soil lifts that incorporate native plant materials. The rock placed in front of the project is necessary to reduce wave energy and ice scour at the north end of Honeoye Lake. Existing tree and shrubs were kept in place to keep the shoreline protected and over three dozen additional plantings as well as live stakes were added to promote deep rooted vegetation to stabilize the shoreline. The NYS DEC promotes the use of natural materials to stabilize shorelines rather than hardened structures such as retaining walls and gabion baskets.  A naturally vegetated shoreline helps reduce erosion, filters excess nutrients from entering the lake and provides habitat for fish and wildlife. 

Rock structures at north end of Honeoye Lake
Photo of shoreline of stabilization project
planting native plants at project site
purple flowers and plant sign
before photo showing eroding slope

Before: Eroding Shoreline

shoreline project


Big Wave
educational sign at Sandy Bottom Park
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