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  • Terry Gronwall

Thursday May 19th, 2022 Honeoye Lake Water Quality

Surface Water Temperature: ~64 F

Water Clarity: ~12.5 Feet

Lake Level: 803.4 Feet above sea level

Lake Level Relative to Weir: -0.1 Feet

Hopefully, all Honeoye Valley Association members ordered their free dock sign last winter. This is what they look like. If you ordered your dock sign and haven’t picked it up yet, the HVA will be at the Richmond Town Hall parking lot this Saturday 5/21 between 2-4 PM distributing dock signs that were ordered last winter.

Observations: Thursday (5/19/22), The water clarity has increased ~6 inches to ~12.5 feet and the surface water temperature has increased ~7.2 F to ~64 F over the last 10 days. The lake was stratified (had a thermocline) between 16.5-20 feet deep today. It is very unusual to see the lake stratified in mid-May. However, there was still a high level of dissolved oxygen in deep water near the lake bottom keeping phosphorus bound to iron.

We did not visually see any signs of an algae bloom today.

Always use your own visual assessment before making contact with the lake water at this time of year as the blue-green algae situation can change daily if not hourly. Please regularly check the DEC HABs alert map for more detailed updates on Honeoye Lake HABs alerts:


Draft Aeration Planning Project Report, Public Information Meeting Presentation, and WebEx recording posted on the HLWTF web site:

2. Do you have questions on the Aeration Planning Project? Please send all questions to We will be taking questions until May 22, 2022. We will then compile all of the questions and answers into a final document in June. Which will be posted on the HLWTF site.


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