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Thursday January 20th, 2022 Winter 2022 HLWTF Newsletter & other current lake information.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

- Click on this link for the Winter 2022 HLWTF Newsletter:

e6fc30_f702480f8dff4c2bad8b93e0ddb21176.pdf (

- Click on this link to see the new HLWTF Honeoye Lake Watershed Storm Water Took Kit if you are planning any storm water projects on your property:

e6fc30_5299c36614ab4b3b995b53aeec724bfa.pdf (

- Click on this link for "2022 Update on the Honeoye Lake Engineering Planning Project":

Aeration Engineering Grant | Honeoye Lake (

- Click on this link for "Honeoye Lake: 2021 State of the Lake article":


Honeoye Lake has been completely ice covered since Tuesday January 11th, 2022. Currently 4-5 inches of ice.

Ice in dates for the last 3 years:

2021 January 9th

2020 January 20th

2019 January 15th


Click on this link to order your dock sign:

Home | Honeoye Valley Association (


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