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November 12 2023, Roadside Ditch Stabilization in Town of Canadice & New FEMA Flood Plain Map Info


FEMA Issues Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Ontario County

FEMA Issues Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Ontario County. County, state and federal officials are working to reduce the effects of severe weather and natural disasters. On July 14, 2023, FEMA released new preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Ontario County for public comment. The new maps give updated information about communities’ flood risk and are used to identify areas that may require flood insurance coverage. The current effective paper maps for Ontario County were developed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Some areas show significant flood hazard changes when the new preliminary FIRMs are compared to the current effective paper maps.

More information available at:

Ontario County:

Town of Richmond:

New FEMA proposed flood plain map available at:

Just put your property's address in the search bar.


We hope you were able to see Honeoye Valley's peak fall color on Oct. 21 & 22!


We have completed our Honeoye Lake weekly water quality updates for the 2023 season. We will resume our weekly water quality reports in mid-May 2024. We hope you have found our weekly water quality updates informative and useful. We will periodically post information on the Muller Field Station programs, ice conditions, etc. over the winter and early spring. Please check our blog occasionally for these off-season updates. Have a great winter season!


November FLCC Muller Field Station Events

Click on the link below to see the November Muller Field Station Newsletter:


New York Safe Boating Class Certificate will be required of all boaters on this schedule:

If born on or after: You will need boating safety certificate to operate motorized vessel in:

January 1, 1988 2022

January 1, 1983 2023

January 1, 1978 2024

All operators of motorized vessels, regardless of age, will need a boating safety certificate by January 1, 2025.

Click on the link below for more information and the schedule of local NYS Safe Boating classes:


Honeoye lake is included in the DEC's Big Panfish Study. Please click on the link below to read their Interim report:


Please visit the Honeoye DEC Project website for more information on the Honeoye Lake Nutrient Inactivation (Alum Treatment) Project: Honeoye Lake Nutrient Inactivant Pilot Study (


Glacial History of Honeoye Lake

Please check out the new “Glacial History of Honeoye Lake” sign at Sandy Bottom Park.

Thank you to Dr. Bruce Gilman for the content, the Ontario County Water Resources Council for the funding, and the Finger Lakes Land Trust for the imagery.

More information on Honeoye Lake’s Geology History can be found on HLWTF web site:


Ontario County Soil & Water Conservation District featured two Honeoye Lake watershed erosion control projects in their Summer 2023 Newsletter:


Please click on this link for the Winter 2023 HLWTF Newsletter:


- Click on this link to see the new HLWTF Honeoye Lake Watershed Storm Water Took Kit if you are planning any storm water projects on your property:


Click on the blue outlined box that says "Log in / Sign up" in the upper right-hand corner of this page to sign-up to be notified when we update our weekly Honeoye Lake water quality blog.


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