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DEC Announces Large Scale Pilot Study to Control Phosphorous Impacts in Honeoye Lake


DEC Announces Large Scale Pilot Study to Control Phosphorous Impacts in Honeoye Lake - Virtual Public Information Session Scheduled for Sept. 27

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is holding a virtual public information session on Tuesday, Sept. 27, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. to update residents on a research project to control phosphorous in Honeoye Lake.

The virtual meeting will enable the community to hear from DEC on the steps proposed to improve Honeoye water quality. The meeting can be accessed via WebEx. Individuals without computer access may join the meeting by dialing 518-549-0500 and using the meeting access code: 3322022.

Full DEC Press Release available at:


Surface Water Temperature: ~71.6 F

Water Clarity: ~5.6 Feet

Lake Level: 802.8 Feet above sea level

Lake Level Relative to Weir: -0.7 Feet

Observations: Sunday (9/18/22), The water clarity decreased ~0.5 feet at ~5.0 feet and the surface water temperature decreased ~1.3 F to ~71.6 F over the last week. The lake’s temperature and dissolved oxygen remains well mixed. The lake is definitely in its fall pattern of declining water temperatures at all depths. The lake’s open water looked good today with light visible blue-green algae in the water column. No surface scum in open water. We did not see any near shore blooms today but had one near shore bloom reported to us yesterday in the NE shore of the North Lake Basin.

Today we found blue-green algae species of Anabaena (Spring), Microcystis (Mass of small cells), and Aulacoseira (the long filaments) a diatom (picture to left):

The DEC recommends that you, your family, and pets avoid contact with water that contains blue-green algae like Anabaena and Microcystis. Everyone should be very careful to watch for blue-green algae blooms for the next few weeks.

The lake is isothermal (i.e., temperature and dissolved oxygen remains well mixed). Since the dissolved oxygen was greater than 5.4 mg/L at the bottom no legacy phosphorus should be being released at this time. You can see this by the convergence of the temperature and dissolved oxygen graph lines for the various depths on the left. Surface water temperature was ~71.6 F and bottom water temperature was ~70.3 F. 1-meter equals 3.3 feet.

Always use your own visual assessment before making contact with the lake water at this time of year as the blue-green algae situation can change daily if not hourly. Please regularly check the DEC HABs alert map for more detailed updates on Honeoye Lake HABs alerts:



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Final Aeration Engineering Planning Project Report, Public Information Meeting Presentation, and WebEx recording posted on the HLWTF web site:


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