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Honeoye Inlet Restoration Project

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The Honeoye Inlet has a huge impact on the nutrients and sediment that feed into the lake. Many organizations partnered together to reconstruct the inlet into its original structure which had a series of meanders and was much shallower. By adding several ditch plugs to the lateral channels of the inlet, this created small ponds, allowing water to slowly infiltrate and wildlife habitat to flourish. Water can now access the flood plain during storm events rather than rushing into the lake. This project helps to reduce approximately 30% of the total nutrients and sediment entering Honeoye Lake.

The Nature Conservancy, the Ontario County Soil & Water Conservation District, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Honeoye Valley Association, Finger Lakes Community College, the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service came together to use nature as a filtration device. This area is now flourishing with wildlife and is slowing the sediment and nutrient loading into Honeoye Lake. These organizations worked together for the future of our environment and are well deserving of the Seneca Park Zoo Society's Environmental Innovation Award for their incredible efforts!

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